We have collaborated with more than 15 organisations so far to create custom products. You may choose among our extensive collection of premium batik or mengkuang products. We will work out a solution following your branding requirements. Contact us for more information on pricing and timeline. 

They trusted us

We collaborated with BMW Malaysia to create a camouflage design for the launching of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. We also produced in collaboration with TAPAi, 130 passport holders with BMW x INKAA label. 

This design merges the traditional flora- and geometrical-based motifs that are part and parcel of Malaysian traditional batik, with a contemporary touch. The repetitive motifs reflect the terap (stamping) technique commonly used in Terengganu and Kelantan. Further, the arrangement largely inspired by the ‘batik sarong’ that has been worn across generations. It consists of kepala kain (the central panel), apit kain (the vertical frame), and badan kain (the main body). Subtly incorporated into the design is INKAA’s logo, which is based on the pilcrow symbol, and symbolises ‘the beginning of a new train of thought’.

The Department of Financial Surveillance of Bank Negara Malaysia ordered customized t-shirts for its employees. We made t-shirts featuring handmade batiks from Terengganu and the logo of the department on the sleeve. 

Asian Trails is an international travel agency with about 20 offices all around the world. INKAA customized uniforms for the Malaysian office with the logo embroidered at the back, and handmade batik pockets from Terengganu. 

Cambrion is a company in Malaysia that makes customized shoes for ladies. We worked together to make dust bags with our group of refugee women from Myanmar. The dust bags come with a batik sewn on both sides and the label is signed by the artisan who made it.

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