Reversible Mengkuang & Batik Placemats (Natural Sage - Set of 4)

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These beautiful placemats combine two cherished pieces of Malaysian craft heritage: mengkuang and batik. The mengkuang side is hand-woven by the women-weavers in the villages in Terengganu. These leaves have to go through labourious processes (cutting, thumping, drying, dyeing) before they are ready to be woven.

The batik on the other side is traditionally hand-blocked in Terengganu, and dyed with beautiful vibrant colours. We work with several groups of batik artisans, each bringing unique spin to this age-old craft.

The beautiful combination of colours, coupled with the charm of natural materials used, would be a perfect companion for your meals. They will also make great conversation piece.

Product details:

  • Comes in a set of 4 pieces
  • Measures 43.5cm (width) x 29.5cm (height)
  • Made with hand-woven mengkuang (pandanus) leaves, which are 100% natural and traditionally hand-blocked batik from Terengganu
  • The motif placement and colouring of each item varies due to the nature of handmade and hand-dyed materials.
  • Made by HKY Collections and Din

Care Instructions:

Can be wiped with damp cloth to remove dirt or stains. Alternatively, it can be spot-washed by hand with cool water and set out to dry.

Avoid strong direct sunlight.

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